Friday, 5 August 2011

Tacwise 191EL Electric Stapler & Nailer 230v Review

A really nice electric Nailer / Stapler is an essential for any tradesmans tool-kit. The ability to drive fixings quickly will save you time, effort, and most importantly, money. Let's take a look at the Tacwise 191 EL Electric Stapler and Nailer.

The 191EL is good for soft and hardwood, and can drive narrow  crown staples and 18 gauge nails. There's a multitude of jobs this Tacwise tool can take on. You can put together wooden frames, say for window or picture frames. Fix together tongue and groove, flooring, work on your shed, put together pet cages, or do anything where you've got to fix mesh to wood.

Fix plasterboard in place, underlay, carpet, fencing, hobby stuff and furntiure. Remember these are narrow crown staples, with a depth of 15mm to 30mm, or 18 gauge nails which are from 10mm to 35mm, so there's very little you can't do with this Electric Nailer / Stapler.

This power tool can hold up to 100 staples or nails at a time, weighs about 1.8kg, has a nice rubber handle . and can fire up to four times a second. So if you think a good Electric Nailer and Stapler could help you in your trade, make sure you check out the Tacwise 191EL.

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