Friday, 12 August 2011

Numatic HVR200 Super Henry Vacuum Cleaner Review

Henry, Henry, where fore art thow? Foresooth, we are in needeth of a vacuum cleaner that caneth dealeth with thow dustiest floors, messiest basements and most foulest of abodes!

Yes, it is true. You may have mocked those who have professed their admiration of the little red tub with the cheeky grin and sparkling eyes, and thought him something from the past, but the Super Henry Vacuum from Numatic honestly is brilliant. I should know, I've got one.

Although he's been around since 1980, Henry has been in constant development. Today's model has a 1200w 230v motor, two power modes, a 9 litre bag, made in the UK, and a load of accessories in the box to tackle all the dirt you can throw at this great vacuum cleaner.

Before we purchased our Super Henry, I though upright vacs were the best. How could Henry, without a carpet beater, compare with the likes of Dyson and Electrolux? The answer is that Henry is better, tougher and cheaper. In Turbo mode Henry cleans carpets and hard floors really well and stair-cases with no troubles at all.

So, if you need a vac for home or work, consider the Numatic Super Henry, it's one of the few products where the superlatives actually are deserved.

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