Sunday, 14 August 2011

Makita DPC6430 300mm 12" Petrol Disc Cutter Review

So you want to cut bricks, paving slabs, stone, metals poles, pipes and kerb-stones. With the right disc, either the supplied 12" Diamond Disc for masonry or an additional metal-cutting abrasive disc, the Makita DPC6430 is the right tool for the job.

The Makita 12" Petrol Disc Cutter won't be the lightest tool in your van, it weighs a hefty 10kg, but it could be the most useful. The powerful 64cc 4.5hp motor can spin the blade at up to 5100rpm, giving you a depth of cut of 100mm.

The DPC6430 is designed to be easy to start, using a decompression valve before you start on the pull-start. A water based dust-suppression system keeps site reasonably clean, and you've got easy, tool-less access to the spark-plug ignition.

To get closer to walls, or the edges of anything you're trying to cut, the blade can be moved to a lateral position for added flexibility. The 1.1 liter fuel tank will keep you productive on site, and the M2M vibration reduction will keep your hands from going numb too.

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