Saturday, 13 August 2011

Laser Kevlar Hot Sleeve Review

No, the chap in the photo to the left hasn't broken his hand, and he isn't wearing some sort of a sports-support. This is a blog all about tools and equipment, and what you see here is special sleeve that will protect your arms and hands when working around hot objects.

The Laser Kevlar Hot Sleeve is a fantastic idea, and a great boon for auto-mechanics, plumbers, welders, and anyone who has to work near stuff that's hot.

If you've ever been working on a car, then lent over to adjust something and burnt your arm on a hot engine cover, or more commonly when you're under a car and accidently  brushed against the hot exhaust you'll know what a pain it is.

It may look a bit daft, but it works, it's cheap, and I think it's a must for every motor mechanics tool chest - the Laser Kevlar Hot Sleeve.

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