Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Karcher SC650 Outdoor Push Sweeper Review

I can almost hear your reaction as you look at this odd little device. Is this a lawn mower? No. How about s pressure washer? Absolutely not. Ah you think, it's a floor polisher! Again, no, but you're close. This is the Karcher SC650, a modern version of an old favorite, a push sweeper!

We've all had the same problem of a dirty workshop or warehouse floor, a path or a car-park that needs sweeping. Yes, you could use a broom to do the work, but the SC650makes it oh so much easier.

All you've got to do is push this little wonder around, requiring no electrics, and it uses the built-in brushes to sweep up the rubbish and store it in a 16l hopper.

Karcher estimate that you could "sweep" an area of 1800 square meters in an hour, right up to the edges of curbs or walls. Change the height of the handle to suit the user, pop your ipod on, then get sweeping the easy way, with no broom and no dustpan and brush. And no back ache either!

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