Monday, 8 August 2011

Irwin Bolt Grip Seized Fastening Remover Set Review

How frustrating is it when you start a job only to be stopped in your tracks by a seized or damaged nut or bolt head? I've lost count of the times I've struggled with mole grips, blow torches and wrenches before I give up and fire up the easy-outs.

The tool specialists Irwin have come up with an alternative, their Bolt Grip System. Looking at first glance like ordinary sockets, what we have instead is a special design that will grip damaged and seized bolt and nut heads, even if they are completey rounded off, then give you a fighting chance of removing the fastening without having to resort to drilling it out.

Coming in 11, 14, 16mm, with their imperial equivalents, these bolt grips can get you out of many sticky situations, and if you get the add-on and lugnut bolt grips you've covered most situations.

A vice could be a necessity to get the bolt grip off the fastening once it is free, but even if you haven't got one, at the prices they are you could just get another set of these brilliant tools from Irwin.

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