Thursday, 4 August 2011

DeWalt DC013 Site Radio and Battery Charger Review

We all know that building and construction sites are tough places for any type of electronic gadget. Dust, moisture, heat, vibration and the high chance of things getting knocked about are a few of the most common hazards. The DeWalt DC013  is a Radio and Charger that's designed to stand up to the rigors of this environment.

You may think that this is an expensive toy, but how many cheap radios have you been through in the last couple of years, that have let you down, broken and given up the ghost before you got your moneys worth?

The DC013 is an FM / AM Radio with an AUX input for a CD or MP3 player, a clock, a bass boost to even out the sound, and it can run off 230v mains as you'd expect.

Where it gets clever is that the DeWalt DC013 can also run off DeWalt batteries. Plug anything from a 7.2V to an 18v NiCd, NIMH or Li-Ion DeWalt battery into it and you're wired for sound. No more silent blues when you're away from the mains or on a 110v only job. Just borrow one of your DeWalt Power Tool Batteries and you're good to go.

When you're back at home or the workshop and plugged back into 230v , the DC013 turns into a very versatile battery charger, charging all the types of battery that I've listed above. Perfect!

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