Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Bosch DLE 70 Digital Laser Rangefinder Review

By now you'll know that I like Bosch Power-Tools, especially the blue professional range. Bosch tools are tough, practical and don't cost the earth. The DLE 70 Digital Laser Rangefinder is one such tool.

On the face of it, the DLE70 is a simple laser rangefinder that you can use for measuring distances on building sites, inside houses, or anywhere where accurate and fast readings are necessary. If you dig a little deeper though, this little Bosch can do so much more, and becomes a must have to for almost anyone from builders, surveyors, painter and decorators, and the serious DIY enthusiast.

The Bosch DLE 70 is a favorite with our local councils surveying department, and I know that serious Estate Agents love the fact that you can drop it and it won't break - I've heard stories of the DLE70 being dropped down a flight of stairs and it still working afterwards.

Let's start with the basic specification. This laser range finder can measure distances from 0.05m to 70m, with an accuracy of + / - 1.5mm. It will typically get you your measurement in around half a second, and it weighs approximately 180gms. The DLE70 comes with batteries (4 x AAA), soft bag and hand-strap.

With the boring stuff out of the way, lets look at the fun stuff. This gadget can measure straight distances, the area of something (like a wall, to work out how much paint you'll need), the volume of an area, and it can measure distances indirectly, so you point it at the bottom and top of a wall, and it'll work out the height. The GLE70 can also work out the combined volumes of walls with different lengths or heights, and it can also tell you the minimum or maximum lengths of a series of readings.

Hopefully you'll now see that this Bosch Laser Distance Finder is a very useful piece of kit for everyone in the construction industry, from builders, surveyors, architects, quantity surveyors, and serious amateurs. Grab one while you can!

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