Saturday, 30 July 2011

Warn Pullzall Electric Lift & Pull Winch Review, 230v & 24v Cordless

If you are anything like me you'll spend money on any gadget or tool that makes your life easier, and the Warn Pullzall Electric Winch is one such product.

Imagine not having to set up chain falls or manual pulley systems to lift or move around heavy equipment. With the Pullzall you can lift engines, drag quads, and generally do all those pain in the backside lifting jobs without that pain!

All you've got to do is secure the Warn Pullz All to a safe strong point, then use the built in winch to drag or lift what you need to move. With a maximum lifting capacity of 454kg, and 15ft of 5.5mm wire rope, this is a very useful and flexible piece of kit.

The Pullzall has a variable speed trigger, so you can precisely position any load, it has forward and reverse for lifting and lowering, and has a limiter so you can't damage it by trying to move anything that might be too heavy, seized, or stuck.

Coming in 230v and a 24v cordless versions, the Warn Pullzall needs to be in the back of every builders, farmers or contractors van - it really is that useful, safe, and it'll stop you damaging your back!

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