Sunday, 31 July 2011

Van Vault Original Security Storage Box Review

Loosing your tools is a serious situation. At worst it could mean the end of your business, and at best a very expensive insurance claim, with the associated increase in premiums. A Van Vault could help prevent this, so if you have to store tools in your vehicle, whether it be on-site or overnight, please consider buying one. 

You do have to be practical about this. A VanVault offers protection, but not complete security. It can't stop someone stealing your van, and it won't lock itself if you leave it open when you're in a rush. It's only as good as the security routine you have, and the old adage "out of sight, out of mind" means that you should try to keep the box hidden, or at least out of the sight of prying eyes.

This particular security box, the Van Vault Original, (sometimes referred to as the Van Vault 2) is very tasty indeed. Offering a 2mm steel body and lid, a tamper proof hinge, anti drill 70mm disc lock, a gas strut for easy (and safe) opening and closing, holes for an audio alarm (optional extra), and a tough paint-job to keep it rust-free for a long-time indeed.

Size wise, the Van Vault Original is 920mm (l) x 560mm (w) x 490mm (h), and it weighs 46kg. So, if you've got tools that you can't afford to lose, and can fit this great box into your commercial vehicle, buy a van vault now.

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