Thursday, 28 July 2011

Honda EU10i Portable Inverter Petrol Generator 230v Review

Sometimes we all need a little power when there isn't any. You know the score, you might be camping, caravaning, or even running a market stall, and you need a small, quiet, clean and light-weight generator. This is where a Honda EU10i comes into its own.

Commonly referred to as a suitcase type generator, this Honda Petrol Generator is light and small enough to be carried or stowed in a car boot, yet it kicks out a respectable 900w of continuous power. Not enough to get big power tools running, but more than enough to run a few lights, charge batteries, and keep the odd electrical appliance purring away nicely.

If you're unsure of what power you'll need, just check the wattage of all the things you'll need to run at once, and add them all up. As long as the peak demand isn't above 1000w, and the continuous isn't above 900w, you'll be fine.

The Honda EU10i uses ordinary unleaded fuel with standard four stroke oil. There's no messy mixing of petrol and oil here, it all goes in separate fillers just like a car. It's worth buying a petrol can, nozzle, funnel, safety goggles and disposable gloves to make filling the generator as simple and clean as possible, and to make sure you don't end up with fuel all over your hands, trousers and shoes.

Running for between three and a half to eight hours on a full 2.3l tank, this little Honda has an LWA (noise) rating of just 52, so it won't annoy the neighbours or people around you. Remember that's it is a pull start, and i would keep a spare spark plug handy for emergencies.

If you need a petrol generator that can kick out a relatively clean 230v and 12v, and you need about 900w of continuous power, you can't go wrong with the very quiet and light Honda EU 10i. Just make sure you lock it up with a strong chain and a big padlock, these are very desirable indeed!

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