Friday, 29 July 2011

DeWalt Explorer Taped Work Safety Boot Review

Wait! Stop! Don't click away, this is important! When you spend all day on your feet, whether it be on a building site, in a workshop or even in your garden or at your allotment, a pair of comfortable (and tough) safety boots are a necessity.

I know you trade readers won't have any problem with buying safety boots, after all, you have to wear them when on site, but for DIYers you may not fully understand how important it is to protect your feet with a good pair of safety boots.

The other issue is one of comfort. I know it's easy and convenient to just grab the cheapest boots or shoes on offer, but honestly, it's best to try on as many styles as possible to find the ones that fit you feet the best.

Don't rush, have a clean pair of work socks on, and make sure you try both on and have a good walk around the store. Do all the movements you would when working. Don't be embarrassed, the Sales Assistants are used to it, and if they're snooty take your business somewhere else. Safety boots will feel tight across your toes to start off with, but they shouldn't be painful. If they are, try a different size or maybe a different style. Go for a boot style with ankle protection unless you're only after light protection.

DeWalt have a great range of boots. The one you see here is the Explorer, with a leather upper, steel toe-cap and midsole, and are incredibly flexible. If you're used to budget safety boots, these DeWalts will be a relevation. Go on, try a good pair of safety boots, you won't regret it!

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